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At some point in our lives, the time comes when we need or want additional living space.  Leaving an area or neighborhood that we have come to like, or relocating to a new area may come with the challenges of new schools and new friends for our children. Maybe you have restrictions on the size of your property that prevents you from building an addition.  Or, maybe the current economy makes it difficult to sell your present home in order to purchase a new, larger one.

If you cannot afford to move, you like where you live, but you want more space, then we offer the solution of going up.  Build that addition on top of your existing residence.  We offer two approaches to this challenge. 

The first is to stick build an addtion on top of your existing residence.  The first step is to design an addition that will enhance the existing structure.  When approved for a building permit, we remove the roof, build a new floor system, and then build the addition.  The rest of the house can be resided to tie in the new addition and make it an integral part of the house.  We will also use the stick build addition approach when we are adding a space on a second floor by adding a dormer.

The second solution leverages our relationship as an approved builder for Westchester Modular Homes.  Together with their manufacturing capability, we will design a second floor addition for your home.  WMH will modularize the solution.  When the construction of the addition is complete and ready to be installed, we will remove the roof of your house, install the necessary bottom plates on top of your existing wall and ceiling structure and prepare plumbing and electrical for the new addition.  On day 3 or 4, WMH will arrive with your second floor and in one day, will install the modules and close in the roof.  Our team will then complete the exterior, interior, plumbing, wiring and in about one month, your addition is complete.
Featured Project 1

This project started as a traditional ranch house.   The roof was removed and a complete second story was built over the first floor doubling the living space.  The second floor contained a large family room, a large master bedroom, master bath with whirlpool tub and separate shower and a walk in closet.  The first floor walls were insulated with blown in cellulose insulation before the entire exterior was sided with vinyl siding.  The chimney was extended to accomodate the new roof height.
Featured Project 2

This project added an additional 1/2 story to a large colonial.  The residential zoning code would only allow 50% of the space in the existing third floor attic space to be converted to living quarters.  However, the footprint of the structure and the slope of the roof allowed a substantial amount of space to add a full bath, an office and a bedroom.  The rear roof was modified to incorporate a shed dormer for the main body of the living space.  The closets and stairway were integrated into the front of the addition where the ceiling height could be accomodated.

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